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I don't usually care about timeline placement stuff. I prefer that the games not be bound to one another along a timeline as it restricts the creative process for each game a bit. That said, it's a big topic lately and I enjoy a good brain puzzle, so here's my take on the issue.

The description for Rock Salt in the game states: "Crystallized salt from the ancient sea commonly used to season meals. Cannot be eaten in this form." This is most likely a reference to the sea that dried up before Skyward Sword, that you get to see some of in the Lanayru Province when you set sections of the region to look back in time.

The Ritos and Koroks are also evidence of the Great Sea timeline as they evolved from the Zora and Kokiri respectively to adapt to the flood. These Ritos don't look anything like Wind Waker's Ritos though, and don't need a scale to fly. Perhaps bird-like humanoids simply evolved multiple times? As for the Koroks, the Kokiri always had the ability to change forms here, and with less interaction with the other races, they would look less like them. They can also better hide from Ganon's malice in this form.

The Gerudo are still very friendly, but assertive. This assertiveness hasn't yet become violent tendencies, implying that these might be earlier Gerudo than we've seen before.

The villain is a form of pure malice, Calamity Ganon. While it initially makes sense to attribute this to Ganondorf, the coincidence of name could simply be a way for us to recognize that this is the hatred from Demise in some pure and escaped form. There's even a, area of cracked land pointing towards the castle called "Breach of Demise". Could this mean that he escaped in his Demise form?

"What about that cutscene where Zelda mentions Twilight Princess?" I think this was just them referencing the most recent non-canon Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors, which takes from the three games mentioned, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess. This cutscene was more of an ad than it was a placement clue.

You can see that locations have been named after people & places from every branch in the timeline, with almost every game represented, even Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening, and the Oracles, which didn't occur in Hyrule. My thinking is that these names came first and that the characters and such were later named after them. It's very rare for people to come up with truly original names for their kids.

The Sheikah are more prevalent in this game than they are in Ocarina of Time and later. There's also the Yiga Clan, a group of masked villains who want to thwart the hero. Could these be the interlopers referenced in Twilight Princess? You can see some resemblance between them and the Twili's true forms, and they do wear masks with eye symbolism. They also seem to be Sheikah, since that one Sheikah guard left the Yiga behind. They don't seem to be minions of Calamity Ganon, so they must have their own goals here. This would explain the Unification war. (Plus Hyrule is not very unified at all right now.) This would also explain how the Sheikah nearly died off before Ocarina of Time, with the Yiga being most of the Sheikah.

This game, therefore, must be set before Ocarina of Time.

After Ocarina of Time, in one timeline, Link saves Termina, with their very Mask-rich culture, from a great disaster. The Happy Mask Salesman even has some Sheikah features, like red eyes. Could this culture have evolved from the Yiga? And then into the Twili after Ganon corrupted it? The citizens of Lorule are less friendly without being outright hostile and show some Sheikah features as well. Could Lorule be what's left after the few to survive the moon's destruction (since Link never went to Termina in this timeline) use their Triforce to re-form a new land in the image of one that had survived more successfully? (That being Hyrule's Sacred Realm after Ganon took the full triforce in A Link to the Past, thus explaining how aLttP's sacred realm became the Dark World, but Lorule isn't Hyrule's sacred realm.)

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