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Final Boss
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Trying and failing to beat these? Here are some tips:

Distract the guards. Bombs aren't just for detonating. Enemies seem to enjoy playing ball and will abandon their camp, leaving their weapons behind. Throw a bomb into a camp from a tree. Once you have all their gear, THEN detonate their fun. (I've found cubic bombs to be more effective, as they don't roll out of the enemy's sight.)

It's okay to be a lumberjack. After clearing a forest room, use bombs to knock the trees down & bombs again to turn them into wood. You'll get wood, tree branches, korok leaves, and acorns.

High fiber diet. Ever try cooking wood? You get a meal that's too hard to enjoy and restores only 1/4 heart. There are a LOT of trees sometimes... 1-3 wood per tree... 1/4 heart per wood... You can actually restore a lot of health in just wood. When you reach a cooking pot, toss them in one at a time. (1 wood and 5 wood restore the same 1/4 heart.)

Meal planning. When you knock over trees, sometimes you get an acorn. When you climb larger trees, sometimes you find eggs. The first egg or acorn in a dish adds more than the usual 30 seconds to the time of an effect. Pair these up with your defense or attack food items to help your effects last longer.

Let the Bokos hit the floor. Korok leaves deal 1 damage, which is negligible... Unless you're high up. Then korok leaves deal FALL damage as the enemies fly off cliffs to their demise.

Divide and conquer. Korok leaves are also good for getting an enemy into a corner to keep your 1-on-1 battle from being spotted by another enemy.

Take a break. Enemies reel backwards when a weapon breaks in their face. Tree branch takes only 4 swings to break. This is useful in certain instances, like if you need a guardian scout to cycle its weapons more quickly, or you don't want the archer to fire that arrow. (Throwing a tree branch to break it on the archer's face requires less aim than a headshot with a bow does.)

It's the eye of the Hinox! Some enemies get pretty good at covering their weak points, making them more difficult to damage. Just use Stasis+ to hold them still for a few seconds so you can hit them where it hurts.

Pit the fools. Some rooms have bottomless pits. Enemies die in such pits, even the flying ones, like Wizrobes. Water works just as well for Bokos and Moblins.

Put them in time out. I trapped a lizalfos against a wall with three ice pillars. This allowed me to fight his friend without his involvement, and fight him separately later.

Sneaking in plain sight. When an enemy is triggered to look at a target, they will look at that target. Enemies on their way back to camp, for example, will not detect you until you hit them or are directly in front of their face. They can't hear you running up to sneak attack them from behind. The biggest example of this helps with defeating silver lizalfos... After a sneak attack, they will turn around to look at you, but their delay is long enough that you can walk around to the other side of them before they finish turning around and sneak attack them again. Doing this over and over again is the only way I can see to defeat the two silver lizalfos in the Master Mode Beginner Sword Trial.

Eat your veggies! 5 endura carrots will give you two extra full stamina wheels. Eat this right before doing the Middle Sword Trial. You need to do a lot of aerial stuff in the first 1/3, so it will help keep you up.

High protein diet! 4 porgies and a dragon horn will give you 30 minutes of max attack or defense boost (depending on whether you used armored porgies or mighty porgies). Eat this on the pedestal, immediately before selecting "Place" to do the trials. (Skip all my advice about collecting wood if you do this though, as it will waste your precious +atk or +def time.)

Use Mipha's grace right before going in to start with 5 extra hearts. (Just bomb yourself while naked repeatedly and it'll work. Be sure that your back is against a solid wall for the final blast so you don't lose extra 1/4 hearts after Mipha's grace from rolling around on the ground.)

Second sight. Use Stasis+ to see where all the enemies and items are. This also comes in handy after blowing up crates to see where the contents landed. Remember, fruit CAN be stasised...

Turn on your wifi. Set your Sheikah Slate's wifi to look for Treasure Chests. They're the only things hiding to search for...

Bomb's away. The following enemies are a LOT easier if you use Bomb+ to kill them instead of melee weapons: Red moblins, red & blue bokos, red, blue, black, and elemental lizalfos. (For non-red lizalfos, you use the bomb to knock them down and close in with a melee weapon.)

Run away! Too much after you? Run away, dropping bombs behind you as you go. If an enemy following you has a weapon that's on fire, they will eventually kill the other enemies by accident (or at least deal a lot of damage to them) before their weapon burns away by lighting everything on fire.

Save the best for last. There's one silver lynel (or gold in Master Mode). You can get an ancient arrow before you reach him. The rest of this room is hard enough... Just stasis him & fire an ancient arrow into him. It's a 1-hit kill.

Cartoon physics. Use Stasis+ on Bokos that are riding horses. Useful AND funny!

Give 'em the axe. Shielded enemies will DROP their shield if hit with the woodcutter's axe. It's a low-damage weapon, but it's great for getting those shields out of enemy hands and into your own inventory.

Fairies are tasty! On the floors that have no enemies, there are fairies. The first thing to do on these floors is to crouch and go grab them. This is also the floor with a cooking pot. Cook the fairies! The fairy elixer restores much more health than the fairy does when it revives you. Yes, it means you have to watch your health meter a little better, but more hearts are always helpful! (Cook the fairies separately, not with other ingredients.)

Three of a kind. When cooking ingredients with effects, only put them together in 3s (or 4s if you're lucky enough to find that), then use non-effect items for the recipe to add to the duration. Only have two razorshrooms? Make it two meals. The two together will still only give you one unit of the effect, so by making it two meals, you're getting the effect twice. You'll get more total effect this way. At 3 items, you'll reach the second notch and at 4 you'll reach the 3rd. This is because all the random food found in the trials are mid-level food. Cook stamina-related items by themselves as a single item meal each. Once all effect-ingredients are cooked, look at how many ingredients are left & how much space you have left for meals. If you won't go over to do so, cook each remaining ingredient as a separate meal, giving you lots of little health additions. There are only a couple of ingredients that give more total hearts this way, but the little bits of food allow you to combine them to be just right as needed later before going from one floor to the next. It also increases your chances of getting a bonus few hearts in some of the meals... As that's a random chance per meal.

Ice to meet you. In the 3rd room of the Middle Sword Trials there are some ice arrows to grab. Much, MUCH later in the darkness section, there's a fire wizrobe that will die in 1 hit to these ice arrows. There are also a few fire breath lizalfos. DO NOT USE STASIS+ FOR THIS! It will not count the hit as ice hitting a fire enemy if they're in stasis!

Exploding skull. If there's a giant skull with an enemy camp inside, there will be a dangling lamp in the eye with explosives underneath. This is really useful... Almost always. In the Final Sword Trials, there's one full of stal-enemies. They're underground until you approach, so the explosion would do nothing. Instead, roll a bomb in & run...

Go clubbing. Smacking enemies with metal boxes is usually very effective.

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