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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:14 pm 
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If you take a bg bonus for your character, I need a background from you that includes why you'd get such a bonus. In general, I prefer that everyone has a background for their character, whether they take a bonus or not. (I think the bonus makes a nice incentive though.)

A good background has what I call "frayed edges". It means it's not clean and resolved, but rather gives me things to work with. Did you have a mentor? Rival? Sibling? These people can now show up.

If you're not from Nerusia, name the place you're from. Name the NPCs on the way and name all the places you've been. You're basically adding these places to my dynamic world.

Here are a few sample backgrounds from characters I've made before:

Lorendai "Lore" Quelaevin:
Lorendai is fairly quiet. He keeps to himself and seems to just observe. He's patient, and believes that, someday, he will know & understand all things. He reveres knowledge & wisdom as the most important things any being can possess. He knows that not everyone understands the importance of the intellect, so he tries to show them by example, using his mind, as well as his magic, for the benefit of all. Unfortunately though, while meaning well, he often comes off as belittling.

Lorendai always put his studies first, so he was the teacher's favorite growing up. He eventually became apprentice to one of his teachers, Sariel Liaris. Sariel is originally from Avaellor and is said to have studied under a very powerful Eladrin wizard known as Valenae. After mastering the arcane, Valenae studied with various clerics, integrating healing power with her wizardry. Students of Valenae are sometimes refered to as Valenarchs of Avaellor. (Similar to forgotton realms paragon path: Simbarch of Aglarond.)

Prior to Lorendai's journey away from Andrannor, he hit a sort of wall with his studies, unable to understand Sariel's introduction to Valenacrh Wizardry. She discovered that Lorendai is far too naive to understand certain more complex aspects of the world and the arcane and unlike most Eldarin, Sariel believes, as her mentor believed, that firsthand experience of the world is important. Lorendai had never been outside the city, so she sent him out to spend some time in the world before he can continue his apprenticeship.

When the party first met him, Lorendai was waiting at a table in an inn for someone to return. The missing person had promised Lorendai an Orb of Inevitable Continuance +2 for far less than it was worth, to be paid up front. After Lorendai paid him, he left, presumably, to go get the item. When he met the party, he had already been waiting a few hours for the swindler to return.

Lorendai descends from two different groups of Eladrin. His mother, Naivara Quelaevin, is what's referred to by some as a Sun Eladrin or Golden Eladrin. From her, Lorendai gets his golden hair, purple eyes and detached observational thinking. His father, Hadarai Quelaevin, is what's referred to by some as a Moon Eladrin or Silver Eladrin. It's from him that Lorendai gets his exceedingly fair skin (to the point of appearing bluish in certain light), his resolve to do what's necessary for his quests, and his unlikeliness to back out of a bad situation.

Hadarai was a traveling Eladrin swordmage who left the Moon Eladrin city of Amaranthin to fight against evils that plagued the Feywild and Natural World. After getting severely wounded in battle, he came to the Sun Eladrin city of Andrannor to rest. As a local cleric, Naivara tended to his wounds, and it was there that he decided to retire. He has since joined up as a local guard.

When Lorendai told his parents that he was going out to get some real world experience as his mentor advised, Hadarai was pleased with the decision and gave him his old sword to protect himself with. Naivara, however, was most displeased, asking him to instead think through all his options, suggesting that he stay in the safety of Andrannor.

Hank L. Biter:
Hank L.(ucky) Biter was born in the Halfling village of Avandria, named after the Goddess of Luck and Change. The town is on the edge of a river that is commonly used for trading. He was born on the day of the annual harvest feast, who's exact date is determined by the phases and size of the moon. Every once in a while though, this day coincides with the Halfling equivalent of Friday the 13th. This was one such year.

So, to see which of the two omens were more likely to effect Hank, his parents brought him to the town's Cleric of Avandra, Liriam. She said that Hank will bring a big problem of some sort to Avandria which would ultimately be inconsequential to Avandria, but the start of a violent path for Hank. As a side note, her predictions tend to be rather mundane. She once predicted that a particular Halfling would bring grave problems to the local church... Long story short, there was a gravestone shortage.

Growing up, Hank was always shorter than his peers. Growing up, his nickname was "The Quarterling". This made him very self-conscious about his height, which landed him in many fights with the other Halflings. One night, he left the village out of frustration, hoping the others would be worried about him.

He wound up in the small Orc town of Ugarth. They were a militant group of Gruumsh worshipers. Hank was able to stay hidden, stealing from and observing the Orcs. In that time, he learned Giant and gathered from observing some of the Orc's training where some of the more vulnerable parts of living things were. Hank was initially only going to stay a day or two, returning to Avandria to see the worried looks on his peer's faces. Staying hidden and stealing from the Orcs, however, became like a game to him. It was fun, so he stayed a little longer than he expected. After about half a year in Ugarth though, Hank was seen by an Orc. He was seen taking that same Orc's lunch. The Orc drew his sword and swung, but Hank quickly dodged, using his lack of height to his advantage. As he dodged, he bit the Orc's ankle to slow him down and headed straight for the nearest exit. He ran through the town, easily dodging its trained Orcs as he left.

Once he was in the clear, he finally decided to return to Avandria. The first words to him from the mouth of another Halfling he ran into, however, were from the blacksmith's son Finnan, who was bringing a newly forged cleaver to the town's butcher. "Hey! The Quarterling's back!" Hank glared a warning glare at him, getting laughter in response, which received a kidney punch as a return response. Finnan pointed behind Hank as he was catching his breath. Hank had thought the Orcs stopped looking for him, but it seems that a scout followed him back to his village.

Knowing that he had to act quickly to undo his mistake and protect his village, Hank quickly grabbed the cleaver from Finnan and promptly put it in the Orc's spleen. The Orc was big and slow with a heavy two-handed sword. Hank was too small and too fast a target for him to hit, and Hank now knew from watching the Orcish training where all the most painful and dangerous places to stab were. Getting good at predicting the Orc's sword swings, Hank lept onto the flat end of it, leaping off of that onto the Orc's shoulder and finally pressed the cleaver against the Orc's neck. Not having the stomach for killing, Hank told the Orc (in Giant) that if he dropped his weapon, he'd let the town's guards deal with him instead of killing him. The Orc's response, also in Giant, was "COWARD!!" as he swung his sword in an arc straight up. Hank lept off in time for the Orc to accidentally slice his own head open.

The other Halflings who had gathered around during the battle were in shock. Hank walked over to hand the cleaver back to Finnan, but he jumped back away from Hank. There were mixed feelings among the village as to whether Hank was a hero now for saving them from this Orc invader or a threat. To some it seemed that he was always getting into fights before he left, and now he's come back knowing how to efficiently kill. Some theorized he led an Orc to the village just to show off this fact. And what was that language he was speaking? Did he somehow command the Orc to slice its own head?

As the center of much controversy, it was clear that Hank couldn't stay in Avandria. The cleaver was their parting gift to him, as no one else wanted it after that. He decided to try his old game again on a new town. The Orcs had mentioned the Human city of Rothalica a few times while he was in Ugarth, so that's where he went next. To his surprise though, they were actually offering a reward for any information people could provide on the Orcs of Ugarth. He made a lot of money from that deal and the people he traded all his information to called him a "freelance adventurer".

With this new title, he spent most of this new gold on some actual adventuring gear, including a trade-in for his cleaver. (Or, as he told the merchant, "His family's trusty Orc-cleaving blade, as passed down to him through generations of Orc slaying.") With his new gear, he started taking adventuring jobs, eventually hooking up with The Dragonbrothers, and later joined by Crossbow Jones. Despite its advantages, Hank is still a bit self-conscious about his height, preferring to hang around with taller more imposing friends and bringing down monsters that are even bigger. He's a master with a dagger, and is very aggressive.

His "skin" is made of stone. He's on the large side for a Warforged at 6' 6" weighing 300lbs. He's got a rune on his forehead that means "truth" in Primordial. He has two large toes on each foot. He has no teeth or nose. When he bleeds, there's a bloodlike fluid used to nourish and lubricate his systems.

Instead of a right hand, he's got a round slot with a Tratnyr (wingspear) sticking out. Internally, it reaches near his elbow where it's pressing against a spring. It's held there with a catch. Struct can choose to remove the Tratnyr and attach a hand instead, but he usually keeps the spear there unless he has reason to do otherwise. This counts as an "attached component".

Embedded into his neck is a Healer's Brooch. The power of this magical item adds to his healing capabilities. Embedded in his chest is a Devil Stone. Embedded in a secret compartment are his Thieves' Tools. Attached to his body is his leather armor. Attached to his back is his backpack containing his ritual book, some rope, a climber's kit, and his right hand.

Being that he was constructed artificially and creates artifices himself, he worships Beord√ľn. He doesn't identify with either gender and has no idea how old he actually is. A long time ago, he tried to keep another group of meatling adventurers alive, but failed miserably. He wishes to prove that he can do a better job this time around. He sticks with this particular group because he's grateful to Torbin for repairing him, giving him another chance to try. He's not, however overly attached to the group. He keeps them alive more for his own pride than he does for the sake of their lives.

Fudrik Bleebert of Klemball and Germalkin of Clan Fongel:
I was raised by my mother, Grenda Folly of Klemball and Germalkin of Clan Fongel, in Gralharder in a small Gnomish town. She never spoke of my father,
changing the subject if I ever asked about him. Due to my size, horns, snout and fur, I assume he's a Minotaur, who are also populous in Gralharder. Growing
up, I was given plenty of opportunity to show my peers my strength. I enjoyed fighting like it was a sport.

Not really able to fit in with my particular skills and size, I chose to explore and see what else is out there. I came across a minotaur in the area, Valun of Athak,
who I wound up sparring with. Seeing that I enjoyed fighting and had the ability for it, but had never actually gotten any sort of formal training, he wound up
offering to train me formally while I worked for him. When my training was complete, I travelled to the mainland to continue my exploration.

Along the way, between Fauchard and Ashtar, I discovered that a small band of Fauchard's soldiers were going to retaliate against a group who had recently
raided a nearby Warrior Tomb. I offered them my help and soon after we had found the group. I made my way to the group's orcish leader. He mentioned his
name, Fewmaster Trock, during the course of our banter. After I slew him, I took his armor as my prize. I helped the group of soldiers carry back that which
was stolen and they gave me some compensation for my help before I moved on.

And in my travels, I eventually wound up here...

"Nyx" Woodstar:
Nyx was training to be a Druid, went hunting as a panther for some test at the age of 25, and just never decided to stop. Now it's 30 years later. She eventually found the party resting with a cooking fire, so like an animal she snuck in and wound up joining their group. She considers them her pack.

Pics of me Snowboarding, trips 1 & 2
Pics of me Snowboarding, trip 3
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