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 Post subject: Houserules
PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:23 pm 
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Arrows and other ammunition can be picked up and reused after battle.

Evil characters of a Divine class can choose at character creation to swap all instances of "undead" and "fey", as well as "radiant" and "necrotic" in their powers. So, instead of being really good against undead, they're really good against elves, gnomes, fairies and the like.

Instead of one retrain per level, you can retrain both a feat and something that's not a feat. Retraining a Genasi manifestation counts as retraining a feat. Retraining a class feature counts as retraining both. If both retrains are to new material that wasn't available to you at character creation, you can retrain a third thing.

If you take a multiclass feat and it trains you in a skill you're already trained in, you get Skill Focus in that skill.

When you take Implement Expertise you get a free Weapon Expertise feat. (Focused Expertised makes this irrelevant for most classes, but Divine classes like Cleric who use a Holy Symbol AND a weapon benefit from this houserule.)

Unless you're obviously doing something stupid, I'm not going to ask you to calculate encumbrance.

A Hybrid character can take the Hybrid Talent feat a second time, but must apply it to the class that he didn't apply it to the first time.

Instead of completely losing your turn when stunned, you'll get the effects of both the immobilized & dazed conditions. (Can't move and can only take 1 action)

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