8/1/05 - Sorry about the delay... I just haven't been in the comic-making mood. They come out like crap if I try to force them...

7/27/05 - 10 days and just a filler? Well, don't worry, the next comic is almost done!

7/17/05 - Sorry for the delay, I just fell out of comicing ability for a short while there... Been a while since I had Doritos though. I crave them after too much non-game comp usage, like I did the other day... So I bought a bag. This comic has been brought to you by Doritos & Pepsi. I should be back into the swing of things now.

7/8/05 - The next real comic is planned, but I'm having some trouble getting it right, so I made this filler.

7/2/05 - You didn't think the comic was over, did you? Just because a universe got destroyed?

Drawing the comic is quite different from spriting it... First off, I need SO MANY layers that each frame had to be a seperate file for Photoshop to handle it. Secondly, it took forever comparitively to spriting. Had I sprited this comic though, it would've taken just as long, if not longer, since I'd have to make the sprites from scratch. This was an experience I enjoyed.

6/29/05 - Game Over has arrived, exactly 50 comics after the idea was first mentioned! Didn't think I'd actually do it, did you? Of course, there are far too many locations in the comic to show their destruction all at once...

6/26/05 - I update an average of every 4 days, though I try for 3. The next comic will be quite a comic... Had the next comic occured before the 300 mark, the 300th comic would've been different. I've already written it's script & laid it out, I just gotta add graphics.

Odd thing I've noticed recently... I started out by simply placing sprites where I think they should go and going by the storyline I've written in my head, but never on paper (or digital paper). Over time though, in refining my comicmaking process through the laziness of "whatever's easiest to make the same thing", I've found myself jotting down important details of future stories... Then I started writing down full scripts... Then I started writing the text and placing the characters and scenes BEFORE loading up any sprites. Next thing you know, I might be sketching layouts before I add any media... I haven't been advised by any existing comic artist, nor have I tried to do things the standard way, but it seems that my process has become the same as other comic artists.

What's the plus side for you? I can judge my own work more fairly before I've put any work into it. Once I've customized sprites, placed things, ect... I'm not as likely to delete it & start over if it's bad. Now that I can see the finished product laid out before a single sprite is placed, I can focus my efforts on more humor... I've also started to cut down on text-per-frame (though it's still a lot).

What's the downside? Ever since my textbox making process became complex enough to make it a seperate robotic step done at the end, I started to dislike making textboxes. For the past few comics, background & sprite placement has become a seperate mechanical step unto itself. The creative work is now all done in text. If I begin to dislike placing sprites... No, better not think about that.

Holy crap! Look at how long my update blurb is! It's long, like good, well known webcomics artists blurbs! Is GameCheetz becomming more than the simple little comic that regurgitates the premade stories of games? I've even got several pending issues to deal with and weird plot twists that start hundreds of comics before they occur, just like the much larger, more well known comics do...

I won't let any of this go to my head though. It's not like I've had a review since comic 50... For all I know, I could've strayed from whatever made the first comics funny. (Though, I do read my own archive occasionally.)

6/22/05 - Comic #300!

6/19/05 - People unfamiliar with Metroid Prime 2 seemed to have trouble with the previous comic. The Lumnioth had set up torches that project bubbles of safety around them in Dark Aether. Also, dark energy is cold and able to freeze some things. Since the atmosphere on Dark Aether is full of dark energy, I figure that Sathy would freeze when exposed to it, but be warmed by the healing power of the torches. Also, Samus still has God Hand. That's why she can create a volcano where the Space Pirate base was. I did the volcano Populous style.

Lastly, Metroid Prime 2 was a great game. I don't like first person shooters, and this didn't really feel like one. The only flaw I really found in it was the collecting of keys... But it has was Metroid Prime was missing: Screw Attack. I won't be getting Metroid Prime: Hunters though... Based on the demo, I'd say that game's gonna focus more on aiming & shooting, which I hate. The platforms in the demo were difficult to judge, meaning that jumping puzzles can't be too complex, and there was no auto-aim. Personally, I'd be fine with removing all the non-boss enemies from the Metroid series (and a couple other series too)

No link today, because I didn't yet make what I was gonna link, a new subpage containing reviews of various games.

6/16/05 - There was some trouble with the message board... Someone hacked an adware virus into the database using an exploit in the version of phpBB we were using. So the forum is restarted with a newer version of phpBB that doesn't have this exploit. If you were a member of the forum before, you'll have to re-register for the new one.

The old one is still up, and you may go there if you choose to do so at your own risk. I leave it there because there are still a lot of posts people might want. If this is the case, hurry up because I will be deleting the old board after I've gotten all the stuff from it that I need, like the forum rules and various threads on projects I'm working on. If you want to go to the old forum, there is a link to it in Final Destination of the new one.

6/11/05 - Here's a clip from an episode of Jeopardy.

6/8/05 - WOOD DAVER!

6/4/05 - The tie has been broken and a Metroid storyline is coming through. I've already started the vote for after this one, and it looks like we might tie again... Here's the thread for the next vote (After the current Metroid storyarc)

6/1/05 - Why so late? I realized that there'd be a conflict if the next Zelda storyarc came before the next Metroid one... Zelda had won the poll on the forums and I wanted to give plenty of time before the next storyarc for people to revote. in the new thread which can be found here. You knew I let the forumgoers decide what order to do the storyarcs in, right?

5/27/05 - Some of you might be wondering if I'm lowering the standards of my comic. The answer is no. The standard I set for my comic is that it's too be funny. Occasionally, overdone cliché spinoffs are funny. In this case, there was already a Power Rangers spinoff in the game, so why not run with it?

It looks like Kid Icarus will finally get a sequel!

5/24/05 - I must say... I'm real exited about things to come... The Revolution, the games, even the Gameboy Micro... But I'm not gonna rant about all the games everyone else is ranting about because that would be pointless, stupid & pointlessly stupid. Instead I'll mention that games based on movies, though usually not good, have a certain specific potential. The problem with movie games is that they tend to use movie plots which 'cause odd gameplay. Just make the game happen at a different time in that movie's universe and have a GAME DESIGNER make the plot. NOT the person who made the movie's plot. Then you have those same interesting well developed characters in a brand new journey that's ergonomically made for player control. Why'd this come up? While looking at games to be released, there's apparently a new Incredibles game that takes place after the movie. They've got the models, so why not? But from what I hear, err... read, rather, the game is more fluid. It's both easier and more interesting to control. We'll see, obviously... But I think I'll try it out... At least a rental... But I won't be getting the one that DOES follow the movie's plot for obvious reasons.

And linkage: A thread on the GameCheetz forum about the Gameboy Micro

5/21/05 - I'm tired, so you're just geeting a not-so-obscure link. It's pretty good, despite being an "All Your Base" parody. It has coments if you enlarge it vertically in a SWF viewer. It also has a secret ending if you rt-click and click "play" once it's over. Zero Wing Rhapsody

5/12/05 - Don't expect frequent updates until my finals are over on the 18th. I'm not even gonna try to get back on schedule before that time. My grades are more important to me than your entertainment (though I do enjoy providing the entertainment).

I will, however, start a policy of linking to something random or weird (and perfectly safe) in each of these blurbs. Today, it will be YaGoohoogle!

5/07/05 - Mario finally knows... Did you think I'd ever have him find out?

5/03/05 - The end of pixels? What could he mean?

4/30/05 - I was trying to make the title Geno's real name. The symbols exist in Arial, but it won't let me use them...

4/27/05 - This character in frame 9 is going to need a bit more development. I'm going to use his current conversation to give him just that. For those that haven't figured it out yet, he's a Sephiroth clone. He wants to ressurect his mother, remember? In the cast page, he's listed as "Jenova's Witness". It's a pun. I like puns. Don't you like puns?

4/24/05 - This text box thingy has an awful lot of posts... I really need to empty it into the History section...

4/19/05 - This should answer some of your questions about the animation... Also, there's a new Fan Art from Gotan.

4/16/05 - Been a while since I animated... This took me about 3 weeks.

4/13/05 - I might have the next comic ready on time... But then again, I might not. Let's hope I do.

4/10/05 - I didn't really have time to update this. I am losing sleep for tomorrow as I type.

4/7/05 - I-CON starts tomorrow.

4/4/05 - I'm going to I-CON this weekend. I mentioned this on the forum.

4/1/05 - APRIL FOOL'S! I was gonna do this last year, but I didn't realize it was April Fool's Day until after it passed last year. Silly me... I know how much of my bandwidth I risked by putting up my old page. I might remove parts of it during the day, depending on my bandwidth usage. This is what GameCheetz was from January 2002 for nearly a year.

3/28/05 - I'm not going to be as active online for a while. I gotta get some stuff done. If you're on the GameCheetz forum or IM me, you'll notice my general lack of posting.

3/25/05 - I have the next six comics done. Also, I'm going to post a better link to Bob and George here. This will make it easier for people who go through my links page to BnG to get there while the DNS problem is still going on. This includes myself. Link!

3/22/05 - It looks as if the "true hero" might be losing the "true" part of his title...

3/19/05 - The next few comics are nearly done, each needing only slight touch ups.

3/15/05 - I started working on the next few comics. I should have been doing homework and studying. So... Enjoy the comic. I'm hoping I didn't make this one TOO suggestive...

3/12/05 - I updated the graphics engine of the Super Mario Bros. 3 Board Game in the software section. It's more efficient, uses less space, and allows you to toggle windowed mode instead of having 2 executables.

3/9/05 - A few days late... Looks like I'm heading off into "unscheduled" again... It happens every semester... This one is 7 days after the previous instead of the usual 3. On the bright side, a new version of Sludge Crawler has been uploaded. Try to find bugs in it for me, because I fixed all the ones I knew about. These 3 topics would be useful:

One topic to get the game

One topic to win it

One topic to edit the game

If you make any good levels, post the files in that last one. If used, you'll get in the final credits.

3/2/05 - You didn't really think I'd kill off Link, did you? Sure, I'm crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy... Or am I?

2/27/05 - I'm going to try to continue the good pace of updates for as long as I can, but if I get a big project to do, the update schedule will shatter like a boat in a tornado. SHIPWRECK!

2/24/05 - Now that we've entered Phase 2, I have run out of buffer comics... We had a good run of updating on a nice schedule from early December until now, but it looks like updates may become more sparse... Like September through November were. Of course, I will try to maintain a good schedule of updates, but my classes must always come first!

2/21/05 - And here ends the first phase of the GameCheetz comic, beginning it's second phase upon the next update of the regular comic. What ancient evil will rise? Who can face it? Will they be successful? What would happen to the comic if they are unsuccessful? ...or if it goes unchallenged...

2/18/05 - No filler. I ran out of time again because I was doing homework. I'll try to make a filler for the comic after next, but the next comic cannot be a filler. I wanted to space out major events a bit, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen since the next major event is the next comic (2/21/05) & the last one was the death of the Director & Author in the comic before last (2/12/05). That's only 9 days apart. The good news, however, is that the next comic is the final comic of Phase I, so on 2/24/05 or 2/27/05 you'll finally see Phase II! (Dependant on whether or not I make a filler comic in time for the 24th.)

2/15/05 - This is a strange situation... You see, I wanted to give you a filler comic to prolong the suspense of having just killed off the characters in the comic that represent me. I didn't have time to make the filler comic, so you got a real one. Since this one doesn't say much, I can still give you that filler for added suspense next time, if I get the time to make it... Otherwise you'll get the first comic of the transition to Phase 2. That's right... There are only 2 comics left of Phase 1. I'm sure some fans will be mad about what I decide to remove to make Phase 2 different... Oh, well! There's also a double fan art update which is worth checking out.

2/12/05 - I'm going to be at I-CON. I'm not a guest or anything, I'm just one of the people helping to run the Con. More specifically, I'm one of the people running Electronic Gaming this year. Sludge Crawler (the game I've been working on for about a year) should be displayed in the Amatuer Game Showcase.

2/9/05 - It would be a horrible fate to lose control over your own body, being forced to watch yourself cause so much destruction...

2/6/05 - Just because Rock HAS a power suit doesn't mean he has to use it. Apparently, he's not even Dr. Light's first or second choice.

2/3/05 - It's not definite until Saturday, but my parents sold the house! We're moving to another state! This is great, because I want to move. Unfortunately, I can't move. I'm enrolled in courses. This means that I now have to find housing for myself from the end of March to late-May. We'll see what happens...

1/31/05 - Do you like cliffhangers? Wanna know why I ask? Because this text here is...

1/28/05 - Why a filler? I've made the comics till the end of February, didn't I? Well, it's been a while since the last filler & I'm trying to space something out. My plan includes two more fillers from now until the end of February.

1/25/05 - The player physics for Sludge Crawler are done. I've found a couple bugs in them today, but they're simple bugs. I'll fix them.

1/22/05 - Back to school on Monday. I'm hoping I get to be the teaching assistant for the game programming course. I took it last year, got an A, and won the contest (judged by people from game companies), getting free beta accounts for World of Warcraft for me and the two friends I coded with. I SHOULD have no problem becomming a TA for the course this time around... (In case you're wondering, it was the first version of Sludge Crawler.)

1/19/05 - Here's another update. I have news to write here. This statement is false.

1/16/05 - Back to school on the 24th... I'm trying to build up a nice sized buffer of comics. I've actually finished this storyarc and begun on the next one. I've written the last of the Game Over scrolls. The final three storyarcs before Phase 2 are short as well... So the time might come soon. I will keep up the pace of one comic per 3 days that I've been averaging since early December for as long as I can.

If you don't know what Phase 2 is, then you must not be me. I haven't said what it is yet, but I've been hinting at it on the forums for a while now. If you want to try your hand at solving the riddle, go to the thread on the forum with all the info.

Hint: Many of the unanswered questions will be answered this month.

1/13/05 - Updates will continue regularly, as I've already begun to accumulate a buffer. I currently have the next two comics done, and will try to give myself a large buffer for when I need more time for school. In the past, I usually just stopped updating when large projects were due.

1/10/05 - I didn't put text here last time. Also, my dental work is over for a while. Updates should be regular, but I'm trying to build up a buffer to start the semester with. Also, Sludge Crawler is progressing... Slowly... The lack of well designed levels is a problem though. I guess level design is just very difficult... I was hoping for multple paths with plenty of enemies obstacles that use the powerups... I'll probably be updating Sludge Crawler again tonight with the final physics change to Sludge, leaving only enemies, art & level design remaining. Me and the other programmers will be doing the enemy AI that remains, and our musician is almost done with the music, but if anyone thinks they can match the art style of Sludge Crawler, you can try your hand at it. And anyone who wants to try to design a level, go for it. I'll take a look, test it out and give feedback.

1/05/05 - My birthday is in 2 days (7th). Since I'm having surgery on the 6th, this time for followup work and tooth implants, it's quite likely that my mouth will be quite sore and I may wind up in the same position as I did a week ago, preventing me from updating. We'll see... I'll try to continue updates.

1/03/05 - What? Did you think it was really over? Before I addressed everything? Silly, silly readers... If you must know, I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled on thursday, I'm not taking any painkillers and my face is swollen. I wanted to update 2 nights ago, but I was not up to it. At first, I was taking the painkiller Vicodin, which made me feel awful, so I stopped. I almost updated last night, as I had been working on the comic on and off and nearly finished one... But then I realized that it was a future comic. That's how "out-of-it" I've been lately. I'm gonna try to update when I can, which would be by a normal schedule again, but I have followup surgery on the 6th to remove the stitches, and insert two artificial teeth near the front of my mouth. The two new teeth are the ones second to the front ones on the top... Day before my birthday... So I'll update whenever I can. I cannot guarantee any regularity. Also, I added a new Rant to the Rants section. Check it out.

12/29/04 - That was awfully short... What could be up next? And what might The Director's sprite change to? And why is there a planet that old? Discuss in the forum!

12/26/04 - Update? Christmas night? Oh, and that guy in the lower right is the Director. He had a sprite change to be entirely custom.

12/23/04 - I finally read Kid Radd. It's good. Read it if you haven't done so already and you don't have epilepsy. Spoiler: Even though they brought him back, I still feel bad for Bogey. Poor Bogey... It also makes me wonder if people get this attached to my characters. Would anyone shed a tear for Bowser? Did anyone care about Gannon's death? Would there be any real heartbreak if Peach & Bowser broke up? Perhaps this is on an entirely different level because I didn't make the characters or most of their situations, I just quirked them and made them all cheaters...

12/20/04 - I wonder... How many people actually read this text here? When I read other comics, I don't usually read their text... Occasionally I do... Hmm...

12/17/04 - This storyline might be over soon... Maybe...

12/14/04 - All the holidays seem to come at once, don't they? Happy GameCheetz Day everyone! Celebrate by... umm... reading GameCheetz, and telling all your firends to read GameCheetz, and voting for GameCheetz... And stuff like that...

Also, I updated the Fan Art section. One of the images I put up, the author said was incomplete, I waited a while to put it up because of this claim. If that person sends a more finished version, I'll upload the new version. (Honestly, it doesn't look bad the way it is.)

Also, the Super Mario Bros. 3 board game in the Software section of the site now lets you choose from 11 characters as follows: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Shyguy, Koopa Troopa, Birdo, Boo, Goomba and Yoshi. I just added those last three. Check it out.

I decided to upload a prototype game I made. It's based on Super Mario Bros. I worked on the physics of it mostly, the graphics engine isn't even of my own design, so it's not window-able... But you might like it. If anyone sends me altered sprite sheets, I'd add them to the game. I have a sheet for Sonic's placem but couldn't fit Sonic into Mario's size, so it's not in. The file can be downloaded from here: GameCheetz Forum Topic

EDIT: I decided to add the Sonic level real quick, so that's in there now.

12/10/04 - Back to updating! Yay! Hmm... Who's that new character who wants to destroy the universe? Might we have seen him before? Also, it's a generic-winter-holiday miracle! CTRL+C/V/Z updated! Go to the links page and click them to check it out!

12/05/04 - I know you're probably all sick of fillers, but I swear this is the last one... because I ran out of them.

12/02/04 - Who needs Photoshop filters when you've got MS Paint?

11/30/04 - 8-Bit comics are best at 300% or 400%. 200% is OK and 500% is overdoing it. 100% is too small. For 16-Bit comics, I give the same advice, but subtract 100 from each number. So many people make 8-bit comics at 100% despite how bad they look.

11/25/04 - Go visit CTRL + C/V/Z. They haven't updated in months, but it's still a great comic.

11/23/04 - 8-Bit Theatre! There's no way you haven't heard of 8-BT. Probably... Anyway, go to the links to see their site, as usual. I may or may not do another ripoff. I know it'll be a tough one though if I do this last one... Perhaps that means I must! We'll see... Either another ripoff next time, or back to the way things were.

11/21/04 - The style here is Dave Anez's from Bob & George. I'm sure you knew that already though...

11/18/04 - This is the style of Zelda Comic. You can find a link to ZC in the links section!

11/16/04 - Don't you hate it when wizards come in and mess up your virtual world, despite the fact that it's your own fault because you control every aspect of said wizard? Someone was talking about comics with no backgrounds... And I said all comics I've seen had a background, even if it was plain white, and I'd show them what a comic with no backgrounds REALLY looks like. It looks a bit better on the comic php page than the main page because of the blue BG color there.

11/14/04 - Been a while, huh? I guess I have this habit of updating a lot in spurts, then not updating for a short while. Anyway... I'm working on making a video game. I think it's coming out pretty good. Do you want to help beta test it? You can find Sludge Crawler here. Just click on latest build to get the latest version. I even put in joystick support! I'm making this using entirely professional tools, such as Visual Studio and DirectX.

11/01/04 - I hate to double filler... But you're probably tired of seeing the old one and I have no comic for you yet.

10/27/04 - MegaHelp is now the official filler comic of GameCheetz. Expect to see Megaman's filler comics whenever I haven't updated in a few days.

10/22/04 - From a beginner to a pro in no time! All because I used a montage! 10 new Daisy poses here. You can finally see her shoes in frame 6.

10/20/04 - It's generally not acceptable to throw a bowling ball at a princess's head. Apparently, Mario does not see why.

10/18/04 - Think about this... How much plot development is in this comic? How much more do you know from this comic about the storyline than you knew before? Nothing?

10/16/04 - Have you been to the forums? Were you a member before the crash in mid-July? Lost you're old account? Well, check out THIS thread on the forum.

10/12/04 - Another so soon? 18 frames? My sources say "Yes".

10/10/04 - Another update so soon?

10/8/04 - I actually got a chance to update today. Yay!

10/5/04 - Wanna see the image that was up before? I'll add a section for that later... Here's a real comic for now.

10/3/04 - I didn't have time for a REAL comic today, but wanted to get something up. This is part of a new site feature I'll occasionally update with. If you've ever wanted to make a good sprite comic, Megaman here will show you how.

9/26/04 - I'm glad I was able to update so soon after the last update. I don't like not updating.

9/22/04 - That was an awful lot of homework in one clump... I expect that to be the norm, so it might be a bumpy semester for the comic.

9/13/04 - I couldn't find the ROMs I needed for certain aspects of the DK storyline, so I rewrote it. It's a lot shorter this way anyway.

9/02/04 - Here's some animation. The Chaos Ray is aka the Chaos Cannon.

8/29/04 - I told ya this storyline was gonna be really long. How much longer do you think I have this planned for?

8/27/04 - As much as I'd like to return to a normal update schedule, I doubt my ability to do that at this time with everything else the way it is. It'd be awesome if every day lasted until you went to bed... Like in an RPG! Then I'd update daily.

8/23/04 - Wow, it's been over a week... Meh...

8/12/04 - The updates are really flowing lately... Unlike the near drought last month... I wonder why. Perhaps I'm just thinking up ideas more quickly. Also, this storyline is going by quicker than expected. The next one should be a short one too... So we might be getting through a lot really fast. Before Phase 2 of the comic, after this storyline, I have only one that should be long, 1 medium & 8 that should be short. I thought this one would be long though... So you never know. Oh, and yes people, I killed off Gannon. He's dead. Stop asking me how he'll come back. OoT was the only other game he really appeared in (as a dorf).

8/11/04 - Hmm... I'm stumped. Nothing to say here. Well, except to say that I have nothing to say here... Which in turn is a paradox as I clearly have something to say here, which by the fact of itself contradicts itself. I declare that this post is HALF true. It's the only way that the logic balances out...

8/10/04 - Another update! Three in a row! Seven with a one day gap! Don't forget to check out all those sections in all those buttons at the top there... Great stuff...

8/9/04 - Can you read that stuff in the background on the 1st 3 frames? I can, but that might be because I made it...

8/8/04 - Some more character smilies have been added to the message board. Don't forget to vote! Oh, and there's a new rant! Put up a new fan art a couple days ago, but no one mentioned it here. Advertising has been updated to include last month's stats. That's about it... Oh, how's the donate page? Do you think that particular background is difficult to read on? What about the rest of the backgrounds? Let me know, as I wish to solve any problems with the site itself.

8/6/04 - Another update here! I guess this makes 4 in a row!

8/5/04 - Hello? This thing work? Yeah, we know he just updated yesterday but we wanted to get that other stuff off the main page.

8/4/04 - Two in a row again? Doesn't that make you feel special?

8/3/04 - Don't forget to vote for GameCheetz... You've been forgetting, haven't you? Aw well, that's OK!

7/27/04 - Two in a row? Well aren't YOU lucky?

7/26/04 - Took a while to figure out how to end the whole Daisy thing. That's it now... The entire Daisy intro sub-story is over.

7/15/04 - I know I haven't been updating as often... Ah well, it's not as if I'm charging you money to view them. As a matter of fact, this is not a source of income at all. It doesn't even pay for itself. That's why it's not as important as the side scroller I'm coding or my job.

7/02/04 - There's a forum for GameCheetz.

6/21/04 - This is a long one... Added an extra 3 frames... I hope you like it. Umm... it's 4AM here so I'm real tired. I'll be updating this comic in the archives later; after I sleep... Perhaps I'll even link a forum thread to this message.

6/18/04 - Wondering what happened? The server crashed. They moved servers. I had to re-upload everything & fix my DNS to point to the new server. As for the forum... That got wiped. The rest of the site is fine. Also, I've mentioned this before, but the store has been removed. (No one used it.) Because of the inconvenience of the crash, GameCheetz bandwith has been doubled for the next 6 months... The site was only using a little over 10 and now we have 40... So I think it's time to advertise. This will add to the number at the bottom of the page, as no one puts up ads for free. Also, I made advertising on GameCheetz a lot cheaper. (Because no one was advertising.) If you want to check out the NEW cost of advertising on the main page of GameCheetz, check out the Sponsorship page.

6/15/04 - There was an update yesterday too, I just didn't write anything down here. I don't have to write something every time. I don't even have to say "Don't forget about the messageboard" Also the store is closing... I haven't sold anything anyway, so it's no loss. So, if you want to help out the site, you can Donate, Advertise or send in Fan Art. Each of those pages has a corresponding E-Mail Address to send the stuff to.

5/24/04 - I figured I'd work on resolving this before telling you why that crack is in Final Destination... Heheh... You can talk about these events on the messageboard.

5/21/04 - They've been sitting there a while, so I figured I show them sitting there so you don't worry about them too much. Don't forget about the messageboard!

5/19/04 - Obviously, Link is still in the comic. So who's gone? Theorize on the messageboard!

5/17/04 - I decided to take a short break from what I was about to explain to all of you to tie up a loose end here. Well, now it's not loose anymore. If you're still wondering what that wizard did, try reading the last frame again. Did you know that you can talk on the messageboard?

5/15/04 - Confused yet? You have no idea how many loose ends I'm tying together, while making it look like things are falling apart... Heheheh... Got a theory? Go ahead and post it on the messageboard.

5/13/04 - A new, perfectly ordinary update. You might notice that the archived comics load in a php page now. I coded it myself, so I wanna know if you find any errors! Discuss stuff on the messageboard, why don't you?

5/08/04 - W00t! I'm so happy! Over the past week, one of my coding teams has been coding like CRAZY. We didn't finish in time, but we got a 2nd chance! Now we'll try for Monday/Tuesday... Oh, and if you want to discuss Comic # 200 (This update), go to the messageboard!

5/02/04 - Another delay, I know... Yeah, the game I'm coding is due today at midnight, so the delays SHOULD be over... This is the first update for the week of 3. Yeah, I'm going back to the old size & shape. I'll let that wizard from before explain it later... Wanna go to the messageboard? It's really fun there!

4/28/04 - Sorry for the delay, but we're back. See only 5 frames? Perhaps you should try entering the code. Good luck with that. DO NOT say the code in the message board! If you look carefully, there are enough hints there already.

4/26/04 - This is an important tool for webcomic making; the template. So, I missed 2 updates in a row... At least I uploaded somethin'... The next comic was started, but isn't done yet. On the bright side, the basic game engine of one of the games I'm making IS done! Yay! Now I just have to make levels and stuff... Listen, why don't you go chat about my lack of a comic on the message board?

4/24/04 - OK, listen. I'm having trouble with the punchline. It's otherwise ready... I'm assuming that you all read the comic for humor more than story, so if it's not funny there's no point, right? Don't worry though, I'm working on it. In other news, the message board is back up.

EDIT: If no one ever said "Inspiration strikes when you least expect it", then someone should.

4/23/04 - Sorry, but there are some technical difficulties. The forum will be back, don't worry. I'm working on it. I'm hoping to have a more permanent solution. I know it's been on and off over the past week or so.

4/22/04 - Never send a hero's uncle to do a hero's job! Did you know that we have a message board?

4/21/04 - Yeah, I know I missed a couple days. Once in a while, anyone will miss a couple days. Check out the games on the message board.

4/18/04 - The Princess has been kidnapped by ruffians! Are you an equipped enough dude to rescue the Princess? From her own home? Anyway, here's a link to the message board.

4/17/04 - I'm finally playing FFVII, and from what I can tell so far, it's pretty good. What? You played it already? Ah well... You can talk about stuff on the message board, if you'd like to.

4/14/04 - This is a big one, so I'll give you 3 days to read it. It'll count for 3 updates. Why don't you look in the message board?

4/13/04 - Another update. I finally flushed the nes into history. There's some new fan art from ScOliNoSiS. And there's a new storyarc poll in the message board!

4/12/04 - Mid-day Update! (This means I'll add to this box when I update tonight) - Everything is fine, nothing is ruined. You can now go to the message board! I'll give the details of what happened there. Added for update: See how much I care about the environment? I recycle! Go to the message board.

4/11/04 - Remember what I said yesterday? Well now if you download the board game, not only can you choose from 8 seperate characters, but there's also sound! The new characters added are: Daisy, Shyguy, Koopa Troopa and Birdo. I plan on adding 3 more eventually, two of which I've already decided. Discuss stuff on the message board!

Added: The forums are down. Somehow, I suddenly don't have a SQL database. I don't know how it happened, but I'm getting it fixed. Just in case, I still have all the custom images, but I'd have to re-figure out the colors again if everything is lost. I'm hoping it's not all lost. Also, I cancelled the old BCX forum I had because it was dead, so we don't have that to fall back on. Sorry for any inconvenience.

4/10/04 - Update coming soon on the board game... MORE characters! Here's the forum!

4/9/04 - Here you go... Another comic... For those of you who have sent my Fan Art, I still have to take a look. Sorry for the delay. It's a good thing I made this one in advance because I'm not in the mood for making a comic right now. Here's a link to the forum.

4/8/04 - As I said, 7 days of no updates. It was not an April Fool's Day joke... I had a better joke lined up for that, but it'll have to wait a year. There's a new Rant! Yay for rants! I wrote it while waiting on a ferry. Also, I still made some occasional posts in... the forum!

3/31/04 - I hate to leave you and Megaman like this, but I won't be able to update again for 1 full week. See ya next week! Wanna visit the forum?

3/30/04 - After the month is over, I have to take a week off. I hate pausing in the middle of a storyline, but I won't have computer access, so I don't have a choice. Why don't you visit the forum?

3/29/04 - CTRL+C/V/Z is a good animated sprite comic that is ending soon. I reccomend that you all take a look at it. MaxX, the author of CTRL+C/V/Z, has said that he will finish the comic up through #100. I know a few people have trouble seeing his comic... This is because it looks like an ad banner & is at the top of the page. Most of you are used to ignoring images of that size. Nevertheless, go read it. Look carefully if you have trouble finding it. On the topic of my comic, however, if you've voted in the storyline poll in the forum, you'll have to do so again. I decided to add more choices. Your vote sure does count right now, because Megaman's only got 1 more robot master to defeat, and only 2 people voted in the new poll so far. Also, I hint at the comic's future in a slightly confusing way in the poll's contents. Lastly, I have new Rants that I've thought up for the Rants page. I plan on typing them out once I've got the time. And After lastly, you can talk about what's going on, or just spam, I don't care, in the forum. (Yes, I actually have a section dedicated to spam.)

3/28/04 - Don't worry, after this comic, Megaman & Protoman are done talking... Do you wannna speculate in the forum?

3/27/04 - Now, think about how this would've turned out, in 1 frame intervals. Personally, I like it better this way. Also, a small note. However the Tetris piece is shaped, you always read the top row first. Just in case there's any ambiguity... Wanna discuss this comic on the forum?

3/26/04 - The Google Ad banner at the top, that I use when there is no paying advertiser, pays me based on the clicks it gets. An interesting thing to note, is that the amount seems to be different each time. For example, one day, I got $0.37 from 1 click. Another day, I got $0.00 from about 50 clicks. Weird, isn't it? I've been testing it out to see if it's worth keeping there, but it's hard to get any sort of average from it. Some days, it does well, and others it doesn't... What do you think about it? And if you want to advertise, don't worry, I'll just take down the Google Ad banner if someone wants to advertise. I've gotten E-mails about this, so I'm going to say right here... Advertising is not available on the message board.

3/25/04 - If you ever have a website, and are looking for hosting, remember: TotalChoiceHosting's $5 deal may look good, but once you outgrow it & move on, they'll bill you anyway for another month. They also billed me for one plan, while giving me another, for NINE months without my knowledge. Some people would say: "Meh, it's a total of $14", to which I'd say: "It's not the amount, it's the fact that they took what should be mine; it's theft." Ah well... All I can really do is grumble. I'd like to think, that 5 years from now, I'd totally forget they owe me $14... For now, why don't you visit the message board.

3/24/04 - You know Badger, Badger, Mushroom? Well, for me, it's been like "Homework, Homework, Midterm" lately. I've been lucky to keep up. I'm glad I still have time to update the comic at least. "It's a deadline! A deadline! Ooooh, it's a deadline!"... Hehe... So It's gonna take me longer to get all 'A' rank in Sonic Heroes, since I have to put that on hold. Soon, you might see the result of one of these deadlines appear in the "Software" section... maybe...

3/23/04 - Things sure are hectic this time of the year aren't they? I've got no witty coment this time, so just go to the message board.

3/22/04 - Here ya go, another daily update. Enjoy it. Talk about it on the message board.

3/21/04 - New comic up! Wait a second... What the hell does that wizard think he's doing? I'm gonna have to have a talk with him... For now, however, I'll give you a link to the message board.

3/20/04 - I just got an idea... I want to know what YOU think. YOUR vote counts! This decision will greatly affect the future of GameCheetz! Should I drop down to 4 panels, but update more often? Possibly daily, even? I'm pretty sure I could update daily if I was only doing 4 panels each time. Also, if I went to 4 panels per strip, I'd do 1 a week that's the "bin". This is what I generally call the area of Final Destination, Battlefield & Bowling Alley. They would no longer be the last frame of every comic. The total change per week is from 27 frames per week to 28. That added frame is an extra "bin" world frame. If I switch, and I feel like going back for some reason, I'll do it, even if I just want to do that for one comic. If I do a 9-frame, however, I won't be doing a comic the following day (probably). Anyway, tell me what you think.Send me an E-Mail, or post a message on the message board and TELL me what you think. If this is not coherent enough, TELL me that! I look forward to hearing from you.

3/19/04 - I wasn't feeling quite myself when I made this one... Tell me what you think in the message board. Should I not do comics while in this state of mind? Fillers perhaps? Or did it still come out pretty good? Is it funny? It's difficult for one to judge their own work...

3/17/04 - Is Snake Man up to the task of giving Megaman a decent fight for once? Find out next time... For now though, you can post your theories in the message board. Also, see that banner up top? If you click it, I might get a few cents. It all goes towards the site upkeep... A few cents here & there add up... So... It might help. I'm testing it out for now. We'll see how it goes...

3/15/04 - Today is the Ides of March. The "Ides" means it's the 15th. So, if you're ever an emporer of Rome, be careful on all March 15ths. There's a new thread this week on the message board.

3/12/04 - Who's the real enemy? Dr. Wily? Or Dr. Seuss? Actually, I can't take credit for that joke... I've seen it in Rick O'Shay's Oddball Comics: here. Also, there's a new fan art! You can check it out in the fan art section. You can discuss this comic... with your friends. Yup... your friends. What did you think I was gonna say? The weekly thread? And just so you know, the poll is still running there.

3/10/04 - Here ya go, Hard Man... Quite possibly the easiest, ironically. Here's the weekly thread.

3/8/04 - A new comic, a new week, a new storyline... A new poll in the forum! Hooray! And there's a new weekly thread as well... Don't forget to vote!

3/6/04 - A little surprise for ya. Hope it doesn't make you too dizzy... Discuss it in the forum.

3/4/04 - I think I'm back on a regular schedule... As a matter of fact, I've started Friday's comic already.

3/2/04 - This week, I MIGHT make the usual updates of M-W-F... I THINK I'll have the time to do so... I don't like not updating... Anyway, here's today's comic... Do you want to discuss it in the forum?

2/27/04 - This new comic celebrates the fact that GameCheetz is back up & running again! Hooray! You can discuss it on the FORUM!

2/23/04 - Sonic figured those things out alright... But at what cost? (1 ring per second, duh!) And what's up with Kirby? Ponder these questions and more... on the forum!

2/22/04 - OK, I'm switching to Mondays only for a while... Voting GameCheetz up on the lists will still get you an extra comic each week (If we go up), and that would be on Fridays. Sorry, but I've got a lot I gotta catch up on. Once I've caught up, I'll go back to the old schedule.

2/20/04 - Here's another update! You can discuss it in the forum! Also, if you'd like to advertise on my site, feel free to send me an E-mail. I'll even haggle a bit if you want... For more information on advertising, click "Advertise" on the top of the page!

2/18/04 - You people don't miss anything do you? That's good, it keeps me from getting too lazy. Last time, someone noticed a trick of laziness in the comic. Sorry about that... I try to avoid such things. Anyway, this new comic's scenery is Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 2. Where was Hidden Palace in Sonic 2? You didn't find that level? It was on the cartridge... but not in the game. That's why you've never seen THIS version of the Master Emerald. I must admit, however, that I did not rip the backgrounds for Hidden Palace myself... I found them online. I just can't rip things that I can't actually reach. Wanna go to the forum?

2/16/04 - Hmm... What are these strange rocks Sonic & Tails discovered? Why isn't Knuckles guarding the Master Emerald? This time, there are 2 forum links. The first link goes to the old forum on BuzzComix. The second link goes to a brand new forum I'm trying out right here on GameCheetz! Go try it out! Also, did any of you try out the new game I made? It's in the "Software" section. You can discuss that on both the old forum and the new forum.

2/13/04 - Yay! Matrix parody! That hasn't been done to death! Ah well... Now Moonsidian & Poo are both gone from the comic. They only stuck around for this parody & now it's been done. You can discuss this in this week's thread in the forum! On a side note... I changed my settings so that only certain sites can hotlink images from here. If you were hotlinking my banner, for example, and I didn't know, it won't be visible. Let me know if you want to hotlink an image from my site. I would've left it alone, but I found out that a lot of sites are actually just taking images from here & using them in galleries or as backgrounds & I can't afford that. I spend enough on hosting as it is, I don't need bandwith stolen from me. An ad banner to here is a different story entirely.

2/11/04 - Who ever said death was permanent? He got a 1-Up! You can discuss this in this week's thread in the forum!

2/9/04 - Didn't think I'd really kill Mario did ya? Didn't think Pit would be back, did ya? Well, he's there & Mario is dead! Just see for yourself! Does this effect anything? Who knows? Discuss it in this week's thread in the forum!

2/6/04 - Is this really any way for a hero to die? Insane & wacked with a giant rock? Discuss what you think in The thread of the week! Also, the sponsorship page... I'm a bit open to haggling. The store prices are based on the material costs, so no haggling for a mousepad or a shirt, but if you wanna get your banner on the page, let me know, even if you can't afford $2 per day. (It's my understanding that $2 per day is actually fairly cheap to begin with...) Click here for more info!

2/4/04 - This time Mario brought the Poultergust 3000 & left his sanity behind. And why is the bowling alley empty? Discuss in The thread of the week!

2/2/04 - Is this it? Will Peach & Bowser finally be able to live together in peace? Also, I made the background darker on the sponsorship page (Click the ad banner to see it) That should make it more readable. The thread of the week!

2/1/04 - This bit of news is to address the horrible downtime earlier which has finally been resolved. As it turned out, my host, ToatalChoiceHosting was allowing less bandwith than I had been paying for. 20% of my monthly monetary outflow had been to prevent this very problem. When I initially signed up (April), I wasn't paying that extra bit of cash & I ran out of bandwith so I upgraded. So, now, after 9 hours of the primest part of the primest day of the week of being down, GameCheetz is back up. This is the only problem I've had with them though. They're a good host with good deals & good support. Their support even has AIM & YIM. I definately reccomend them.

1/30/04 - M.C. Escher's images were what's called "Impossible Geometry". They're things that can't exist. However, I think the Mobius Strip (Seen in frame 5 of the comic), is VERY possible. The forum thread of the week!

1/28/04 - I figured it was about time for another animation... As for the letter from the princess dripping, there's a cake in it. She says so in the letter Mario read aloud. The forum thread of the week!

1/26/04 - Well, it looks like Kirby's turn is over! And Kirby is white because of the salt, not because his new power is exactly the same thing as Megaman's old God Hand powerup. I don't know why you'd think that. That's just absurd! ... maybe ... The forum thread of the week!

1/24/04 - Great job with voting this week! We're on the main page of all but 2 out of the 5. We're only 2 slots away from the main page on one of those. If that tiny number I keep putting at the end of this text each week gets small enough, Saturdays will just be a regular thing (As long as it stays low) Here is this week's thread!383

1/23/04 - Hey! If you know anyone who cares for children, show them this website: CCVillage. It's a really good resource for child care providers! Here is this week's thread!

1/21/04 - What a plotwise convenience that Kirby chose to enter this castle. Also, most of the bowling alley is still unexplored. Basically, it's like a long hallway with bowling lanes on one side & shops on the other. There is a bowling lane for each character. So far, you've only seen the lanes for Bowser, Moonsidian, Kirby, Mario & Gutsman and only one of the shops. Here is this week's thread!

1/19/04 - Metroid Prime ran a lot longer than I expected... Then again, you told me you wanted another long one! Anyway, Kirby will be a nice break from the longness of the previous story. Then the NEXT storyline should also be fairly short... I haven't decided what will come after that. Here is this week's thread!

1/17/04 - Well, we did a little better with the votes this week... Just about good enough for another Saturday update! Aren't you all happy? Keep voting and there'll be ANOTHER update NEXT Saturday! Yay! Remember, each of those 5 sites (4 to click) let's you vote once per day. Each time you vote on one of them, you make it more likely that I update on Saturday! What is my goal with all this voting? To be in the top 10? No, that's not realistically gonna happen... I'd just be happy with getting on the main pages of these lists. This week's thread on the forum!511

1/16/04 - Last time I updated, Wednesday, I updated the archives but forgot to put a copy on the main page. So, if you rely on the main page for updates, go back a comic. This week's thread on the forum!

1/14/04 - If you're wondering about Birdo at this point, it may help to know that the Super Mario Bros. 2 instruction manual says that he thinks he's a woman. This week's thread on the forum!

1/12/04 - Who do you think has to clean up that mess? This week's thread on the forum!

1/10/04 - 4 out of 5 Metroid games reccomend Ridley as a Metroid character! Ridley is not for everyone. Please consult your ship before use. On another note, I checked my status on the vote pages... You all forgot, didn't you? I know, I know, I didn't remind you. If you vote for GameCheetz daily on each of the vote sites, not only will you help new fans find it more easily, but you can also get a FOURTH comic each week! I check every Friday night, and if I go up on the lists, I give you all a Saturday update! This Saturday update is because I was behind (Now I'm all caught up). Here's this week's comic thread! 539

1/9/04 - Samus read all the info she needs. Now she thinks she knows what lies ahead of her. Also, Birdo appears! Why is Birdo around? You'll see... Here's this week's comic thread!

1/8/04 - Only 1 comic behind now... Before the holidays, I thought I'd be ahead by now, not behind! I think I did a pretty good job on that bowling alley... There are a bunch of lanes, representing different main characters. Each lane has it's own set of pins. So this gives a lot of new BGs I can use for the final frame. Here's this week's comic thread!


1/7/04 - And for my birthday, I give GameCheetz a bowling alley! Here's this week's comic thread!

1/6/04 - A new Tracy's E-Mail has been added! I'm only 2 comics behind now... (Why didn't last time's count? It was a regular update) It's gonna be one a day(hopefully) until I catch up. By my estimate, I'll be all caught up by Saturday or Sunday depending on how the voting goes. TWC is back up, so I put them back on the voting page. Don't forget to vote! Here's this week's comic thread!

1/5/04 - Did you know that at MY store, you can buy shirts and mousepads with a custom image OF YOUR CHOICE? Click on "Store" for more details. Here's this week's comic thread!

1/4/04 - Here ya go! Another one's up & ready! And with the Star Rod? You'll see why! (3 left) Here's this week's comic thread!

1/3/04 - Hey there again everyone! I'm sure you're tired of this same BG by now, don't worry, this is probably the last time you'll ever see it. This is another of the "missed" comics. Now only 4 remain. Just sit tight, they'll be comin'.

1/2/04 - Update! Hooray! Now, you might be wondering why there's only 1 comic when I should've put 6. The other 5 will appear, don't worry. So, I'll be updating sporadically, yet often to catch up. So, I might update multiple times on the same day (If I can make 'em fast enough...) But don't worry, I'll be keeping quality over quantity like I always do.

12/28/03 - Wondering what happened to me? I got a bit of a job... And the first month's work has to be done all within' a week for upload on the 31st. Instead of cash for the first month's payment, I'm getting a new computer. Also, I'll be adding CCVillage to my links page to make things easier for myself. Sorry about the delay folks, but I'll come through with all the missing comics when I start updating again. Should be right when the month ends that I can start making the missing comics. And..., if you happen to know any child care providers, send them a link to CCVillage. So, no update last friday & no update tommorrow. I'm hoping to update on Wednesday, but that might not be a possibility. So, I'd have missed a full week, meaning 6 new comics on Friday (If I miss Wednesday, if not, it's only 4 new comics on Wednesday)

12/24/03 - Something's coming... Some kinda addition... Or so the Director (me) says. Will I be able to find something to allow me to make it? Also, this is nowhere NEAR the end of Metroid Prime. I don't like making the stories long, like I did for EarthBound & WindWaker, but it looks like it's gonna be that way again. Well, Samus needs more character development anyway... Oh, & I apologize for the lack of humor in this one... I was kinda rushed... Here's This Week's Comic Thread.

12/22/03 - I added a new Store section! Also added recently, as some of you may have noticed, is a banner ad. If you click it, Dr. Mario will explain the whole Banner Ad system. Don't worry, I won't allow any annoying banners, like "If this banner's flashing, you've won" on the site. Here's This Week's Comic Thread.

12/20/03 - You've been voting for me again! Here's a comic for you! Here's this week's comic thread.363

12/19/03 - Yay! We've been up for a year! Here's this week's comic thread.

12/17/03 - Here's this week's comic thread.

12/15/03 - Here's this week's comic thread.

12/12/03 - I missed Wednesday's update... So I missed 1 day. 1 day missed multiplied by 2 comics per day missed is 2 comics. So, I put the last of today's 2 comics on the main page & the first of the 2 is where the "Latest" button will take you. Here's this week & next week's comic thread.368

12/8/03 - Nuthin' to say really... Enjoy!

12/6/03 - Once again, you've voted me up on the toplists! Here's your bonuc comic. Enjoy! Here's this week's thread!332

12/5/03 - The beginning of the first Sonic game... I've been waiting a long time to do this one. And don't forget, if you donate you'll get a 3D-Rendered image! Here's this week's thread!

12/3/03 - And that ends the Crazy Hand story I eluded to during WindWaker... The old forums are back up. I'll use both for now. Should I put the weekly comic threads on both? Post what you think on one of the forums. The old forums might not be there in a few months, so it's good I got a head start on a new forum. All the storyline polls will be on the new forum. The current storyline poll, which will end by or on Friday, is the last one to be on the old forums. (There's only one vote! Come on people! Vote!) Speaking of voting... Don't forget, the more you vote for this site, the more likely I am to make a Saturday comic! You can vote up to 1 time per day! Here's this week's thread!

12/1/03 - Today, I signed up for a new forum. The old one has been down for too long! I recommend you sign up. Also, you see here the start of the next storyline. After this will either be Sonic or Megaman, based on the poll from the old forum... If it comes back up before the next dtoryline, you can vote for which story you'd like to see next. Here's this week's thread!

11/29/03 - A Saturday update! Why? Because people have been voting. I've gone up on the lists a bit since last week. Whenever that happens, you get a Saturday bonus comic. Too bad the forum is down, eh? Unfortunately, it's hosted by another site that's also down. I've been having a bit of trouble contacting them too... To find out what's going on... They host A LOT of comic's forums. Like, a hundred or so. So I'm sure they won't be down too much longer...375

11/28/03 - In frame 9, Megaman brings up a good point... I might add something eventually. Other comics have bars, restaurants, laboratories... Who knows? We'll see...

11/26/03 - The hunt is on! Luigi seems determined to save Mario! Will he succede? Here's this week's thread.

11/24/03 - Did you click the clickable last time? There's another few today... Here's this week's thread.

11/24/03 - Did you click the clickable last time? There's another few today... Here's this week's thread.

11/21/03 - I've got nuthin to say this update... Here's this week's thread.

11/19/03 - Link is home! Yay! Now on to the next story... Here's this week's thread.

11/17/03 - Link gets another chance to get home... Will he get to use it this time? I know the forum was down for a while... They were moving from one server to another. Here's this week's thread.

11/14/03 - Remember, you can get a bonus Saturday comic if GameCheetz gets enough votes on the toplists! Click on Kirby at the top of the page to vote! Here's this week's thread.

11/12/03 - Boy, I was a real windbag for last time's comic, wasn't I? Here's this week's thread.

11/10/03 - Apparently, Link doesn't like Q*Bert... Or time travel... Why does he hate Q*Bert? Click here to remember. And about the time travel thing... I'm not copying off of Bob & George. Link in my comic said it way before George from Bob & George did & he'll say it again many times. 8/23/03 Link said it, here. 9/4/03 was when George said it, here. I know this seems trivial, but I've been bugged about this sort of thing before. Here's this week's thread.  Also on the forums, you can now vote for which series you'd like to see next, here. Speaking of voting, I'm starting a new policy. If I go up on the top lists on a given week, I'll give you all a bonus Saturday comic! Just click vote at the top of the page, then there's 4 buttons to click, then a 5th on another page that'll come up. 428

11/7/03 - Sigma is dead & gone. The future is at peace. It's time for Link to enter that time machine... Here's this week's thread.

11/5/03 - How much longer can I have X, Zero & Link fight Sigma? What game will be next? Who knows? Well... me. I knows. You'll all see. And hopefully laugh... Here's this week's thread.

11/3/03 - A new week, & a new forum thread... Not much to say today... Here's this week's thread.

10/31/03 - I've now added a Donate page. I had the button hidden in the corner of another page for a while. I didn't want to put it with the other stuff until I had something to offer in return. Here's this week's thread.

10/29/03 - Why is Zero all screwed up? Why doesn't he realize it? Is it really Zero? He IS fighting against Link, who we know is a good guy... Find out next time! Here's this week's thread.

10/27/03 - 10 frames?! Yeah... I thought of saying "FOURTH WALL! FOURTH WALL!" in that last panel, but wasn't sure you'd all know what it meant. Tell me. I'm curious to know. Ask me on the forum, or send me an E-Mail. Here's this week's thread.

10/24/03 - Meep Meep! If you don't recognize this as a sort of parody of ye ole "Road Runner & Coyote" from Loony Tunes, then I'd reccomend watching a lot more Loony Tunes. The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote was always my favorite part of that show. Here's this week's thread.

10/22/03 - The final part collected, & only 3 bosses left... What will Sigma be like? Find out soon! Here's this week's thread.

10/20/03 - As it turns out, fire isn't that hard to make... And the Crocodile Hunter here is Nack from Sonic Triple Trouble. A very short lived character in this comic... Here's this week's thread.

10/17/03 - Contrary to popular belief, Violen doesn't actually have any walking frames & X has no way of holding stuff... But taking apart 3 or 4 sprites can ususally give you any pose you want! Here's this week's thread.

10/15/03 - And now, back to our story! Hmm... Where's X? Perhaps you'll find out what X is up to in the next comic... Here's this week's thread.

10/13/03 - Comic #100... It's taken a while to do, but I'm there. And a big thanks goes out to all of the readers who's interest in my site keeps this from being a big waste of time! Seriously, though, I do enjoy making it, putting it up & getting feedback from all of you. Here's this week's thread.

10/10/03 - Seriously... Try to find a sprite of Agile WITH his eyes open. It just doesn't exist! And all of you know what Monday's comic will be, right? Don't forget to visit the vote page daily! Here's this week's thread.

10/8/03 - Here ya go. Another comic. No you can see the start of what's going on. For those of you who don't notice the subtle, The CD in Dr. Doppler's hand changes from Blue to Red as Serges runs by. Don't forget to visit the vote page daily! Here's this week's thread.

10/6/03 - And here's a look at a few new foes... Also, for this update is new Tracy's E-Mail! New sites have been added to the vote page as well! Don't forget to visit the vote page daily! Here's this week's thread.

10/03/03 - Here's a new strip for you! Startin' off a fresh new game! Don't worry folks, Mega's not dead just 'cause X is around... The forum.

10/1/03 - It's a new month, so don't forget to vote for us! (Click on Kirby up top). You should vote daily so we get to stay on the main page of the voting sites this month... Also, don't forget that there are 2 confirm buttons to click. It would be 3, but TopWebComics top 150 list is still down. Another storyline is ready to start. Can you guess the game yet? Take a guess on the forum.

9/29/03 - And there you have it folks! The anticlimactic conclusion to The Legend of Zelda: WindWaker! Wanna talk about it?

9/26/03 - Just 'cause I'm pressed for time doesn't mean I don't put in all my effort! Here you go. Another GameCheetz quality comic! This week's comic thread!

9/24/03 - More of the plot has been revealed! And I'm all out of comics in my buffer! Sorry folks, but it's actually possible that Friday might not update. But if you remember my promise... I said that if ever I miss an update, I'll make it up with double the comics I missed! This week's comic thread!

9/22/03 - A new week is here at last! What do you think will happen with Link, Zelda & the King? Discuss in This week's comic thread!

9/19/03 - If you like my rants, then you're sure to like this. It's a good, layman's terms explanation of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Here's this week's comic thread!

9/17/03 - A friend of mine showed me this. If you're a programmer, you might find it funny. If not, you might not get it. Be warned, however, it's educational! Binky! Also, the forums are back up, so here's this week's comic thread!

9/15/03 - A fresh week starts with a fresh update! Hooray! I must admit, however, that I've been getting behind on being ahead... I'm gonna try to make more strips this week, but instead of staying a month ahead, as I had planned, I'm only a week ahead. I've made up through Monday's comic. (Or Saturday, depending on how next Friday's vote goes.) I'd give you a thread link, but the people hosting the forums are down right now.

9/12/03 - I hope you like the changes I made to the main page. Please feel free to tell me what you think! Here's this week's latest comic forum thread.

9/10/03 - Hi again! I thought Oldskooled was gone, but I found it! Oldskooled is another sprite comic. Check them out in the links section. Here's this week's latest comic forum thread.

9/8/03 - I'm gonna reccomend checking out the screenmates section. Lotsa fun stuff in there. Here's this week's latest comic forum thread.

9/6/03 - Arr! Link be actin' like a pirate, he be! Yer can all be talkin' about it on the new thread, yer can! And I can't type like a pirate talks for me life or it'll just sound irish... Anyway, here's the thread.

9/5/03 - Sorry about the late update. I put up the comic. Since I was late today, I'll put up an extra one tommorrow. No update voting required this week! Today's comic's reused forum thread.

9/3/03 - Like the new changes? Tell me your opinion of these changes & talk about today's comic on the forum. Today's comic's reused forum thread.

9/1/03 - Since today is the first of the month, I'm going to try to promote voting! It's fun! Just click on the vote link up above. Today's comic's reused forum thread.

8/30/03 - Hello again, readers. Today, I'll just remind you that this month is ending soon. Once September is here, the top lists get reset. I'd appreciate it if you all voted daily & got your friends to vote daily, for the first few days on all 3 top lists. I'm hoping to make it to all thier front pages this month. I don't expect to get high up on the page, but just being ON the page will bring in more of you, so spread the funny & vote! Today's comic's forum thread.

8/29/03 - Another update. Where's Link off to? Find out Monday. Or, you can find out early by doing something. Things like donating money, fan art or sending Tracy an E-Mail. Also, there will be a vote on the forum of whether or not I should update for Saturday. Check out the forum to vote.Discuss this comic in the forum too. I'm going to re-use last update's thread for this. The thread is here.

8/27/03 - This update has a corresponding thread in the forum. Feel free to discuss it. I'm probably gonna do this for each strip now. Todays focus is, therefore, the Forum. Go there, it's fun! The thread is here.

8/25/03 - Late update, halfway through the day. Sorry about that. Today, however, I will announce that you will get rewarded with a future strip if you are active enough with the site. Being active includes things like Donating money, Tracy's E-Mail, Fan Art, Feedback & the Forum.

8/23/03 - A Saturday update! I thought that you guys might like an extra little bonus here. Also, this comic shows you that all is not as it seems. Is anything really even permanent? Is even the past unchangeable? Sure, I've slumped a bit, but even THAT, my friends, is not permanent... as you shall during the coming week. Why'd I slump? I was putting a bit more emphasis on the temp-story at hand. It wasn't as good. Ironically, it wasn't until I started changing back that people seemed to notice & tell me... I like feedback, you know. That's this updates focus. Feedback. Tell me what you think! I wanna hear YOUR opinions of my work on here. How else can I ever know?

8/22/03 - A new update, once again. Now you can see the spriting I'm really capable of. The King of Red Lions sprites came out much better than I thought I'd do... Especially after making that Master Hand in the first few comics... The MS Paint ones... Feature to plug: Links. Go there, read through the archives of some of these sites, & remember to come back.

8/20/03 - Today, I'm gonna plug... Screenmates! They're fun little video game characters that run around your screen while you do other things. I made them myself. Well, Shadow the Hedgehog's custom sprites are not my own... Shadow in Moon Destination was, just not the screenmate Shadow...

8/18/03 - Another comic for ya... And this time... I added a new section! It's Software! I am a programmer, after all... There's a WinAmp skin & a program running utility, both of which have that spritey GameCheetz feel. Enjoy! Also, that history section I mentioned is there now too... So you can see the history of me writing text in this box.

8/15/03 - I was able to update despite the brownout. I've decided that if I am ever unable to update, I'll give you double the comics missed next time I update. The site feature getting plugged today is: Vote! Do it daily. I enjoy entertaining you people & if I'm higher on the lists, more people will come to get entertained. I don't gain anything else by it. It's not like I'm gonna get famous if my comic's a hit... I'm a programmer at heart anyway.

8/13/03 - Hi again! This time I'd like to mention that you can E-Mail any of the stars through Tracy's Email Service.

8/11/03 - Today, I'd like to remind you about our forum. It's really a great place. You can talk about whatever you want.

8/8/03 - Hi. I decided to start typing things here regarding the comic or the site. I'm not gonna put rants here, as they go in the "Rants" section, & I'm not gonna tell you about my boring life or try to make up excuses for not updating. (Actually, I started making comics ahead of time when I decided to go with a regular schedule. I'm at least 7 comics ahead right now.) This time's thing to say here is just to tell you that I'm gonna start typing stuff here. I'm going to delete old stuff whenever I write new stuff. Do you think I should keep the text in a side page? Or delete it for good? You decide. Tell me by E-Mail or start up a thread in the GameCheetz forum to let me know.