Some people think I'm crazy, but I'm not. Crazy's my brother. I, Master Hand, created this comic's universe as you know it, but get no credit for it. Below, you'll see that I documented the cast of GameCheetz in order of appearance. If you notice, I'm first because I made all the stuff the comic started with. I'm not bitter about my character being killed off though because now I won't have to be in the comic when I destroy it. They refuse to bow down to me, so they'll die! For now though, the cast of characters:

Each major character will get their own page and a link to it. This is not yet done. The page needs updating too...


Master Hand


Mario - This italian plumber wears red and tries to win a date with the princess by saving her repeatedly. Annoying, huh?

Luigi - This minor character is rarely seen. He does all of Mario's work in the background, but never gets credit or the spotlight. There are contests to see who gets Luigi's mail.

Dr. Mario - This guy's a quack. He thinks funny pills cure anything, despite the small number of things that funny pills actually cure. He stands waiting for patients at the Emergency Hospital in Alley Shops. His GED is hung there with pride.

Princess "Peach" Toadstool - She doesn't want to tell anyone about her fiancé, King Bowser Koopa. You'd think that after having seven children she'd actually marry the guy. Apparently, her father and Bowser hate each other.

Donkey Kong - This ape has a very poor grasp on language and always shouts. He's also an idiot.

Protoman - Blues is cool and ninja-like. He's rarely seen except for when he wants to be seen.

Megaman - After battling many robot masters with his dog, Rush, Rock decided to quit his job. Megaman is no more, as he gave his power suit to Roll.

Rush - Rock's dog, made from Rock's spare parts. He changesshape to a variety of different modes.

Gannon - The self proclaimed "King of Evil" who terrorizes Hyrule to try to get the Triforce. Current Status: Killed by Link via silver arrows and golden sword. Future Status: Killed by Link via mind control.

Link - The "Hero of Winds" hates time travel. Too bad Tetra stole his Windwaker.

Princess Zelda - The princess of Hyrule gets kidnapped a lot for Link to save her.

Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik - A true master at engineering and programming. He's a bit too good for his own good. His insanely bad luck, however, causes him to fail repeatedly to a few woodland creatures.

Kirby - The pink ball from dreamland who can take the form of anything.

Ness Franklin - This kid has psychic powers. He's going out with Paula Polestar.

Samus Aran - She's a bounty hunter who's primary bounty is Metroids. She also hunts the Space Pirates, who killed her parents. She was raised by the Chozo race and now wears their armor.

Sonic the Hedgehog - The fastest thing alive just loves a good race, but will stop to protect his home if need be.

Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic's sidekick looks up to Sonic. He tags along for the adventure and feels safe with Sonic nearby, but would be too scared to go without him.

Knuckles the Echidna - Guardian of the Master Emerald, he resides on Angel Island. He's easily tricked because he suspects everyone.

King Bowser Koopa - The king of his land, adored by his subjects, loved by the beautiful princess of the neighboring country, seven kids... What more could a giant firebreathing tortoise want?

Dr. Game & Watch - Has so few bits that he can't even speak. He only makes beeps and blips. He happens to be a good engineer though.

Popo - Popo talks like Elmer Fudd. This was not inspired by Elmer Fudd, it was inspired by one of the Director's professors, who talks like Elmer Fudd.

Nana - Popo's wife talks in Wingdings. Everything she says is translatable with a bit of effort.

Old Man - He gave Link his first sword so Link wouldn't be alone.

Shopkeeper - Link stole from him twice.

Like-Like - "Politicians and sheild eaters have many likes alike". The Like-Like likes Link loyally, like a little dog.

Wallmaster - The Wallmaster got a taste of power and wanted more. Megaman turned him to stone. Current Status: Stoned by Megaman. Last Seen: Getting stoned after trying to get God Hand.

Triforce - The omnipotent power of gold will grant the wishes of anyone who touches it with a pure heart.

The Koopa Troop - Bower's army, all of whom enlisted of their own free will.

Dark Link - Is summoned to mindlessly attack Link. Current Status: Killed by Megaman. Last Seen: Pie in the face, 3 Stooges style, by Megaman.

Toad - The race of Mushroom people who are not very good at defending their country, the Mushroom Kingdom. They're so bad at defense that the next in line to the throne is coordinating the attacks on their own kingdom just to spend time with their enemy's ruler. Lucky for them their enemy prefers peace.

Dr. Albert Wily - This scientist is mad in more ways than one. He couldn't even defeat Megaman, how can he hope to defeat Megawoman? She's nearly invincible!

Gutsman - This complicated guy is full of contradictions. Each of his two heads hate each other making even the smallest tasks difficult to get done.

Fake Kraid - No one ever bothers to hang around him very long. He's jealous of his brother who everyone goes to see.

Kraid - One of the two who sealed Mother Brain and the Metroids in Tourian. Current Status: Killed by Fake Kraid. Last Seen: Telling Samus why she shouldn't unlock the seal on Mother Brain.

Ridley - The second of the two who soulbound a seal on Tourian. Ridley was killed by Samus, but revived by the space pirates to attack Samus. In the end, Ridley helped Samus.

F.R.E.A.K. - Tails's robot. Seems like everyone's an engineer, huh? This device was destroyed because it was too powerful.

Mother Brain - Leader of the Space Pirates, who killed Samus's parents. They also killed many other people, but it's because they killed Samus's parents that Samus comes to thwart their advances and destroy all their bases.

Samus's Ship - Samus flies around in it from planet to planet. It's also alive & talks.

Mr. T - He pities the foo who doesn't dial 1-800-COLLECT. Are you that foo?

Ness's Mother - Had two children with a telephone and sang a lullaby to a rock so Ness could finish his quest.

Tracy - Ness's sister got a job aswering E-Mails, but was fired due to lack of being funny.

King - Ness's dog.

Picky - Pokey's brother. He's the good one.

Pokey - Picky's brother. He's the bad one.

Buzz Buzz - A fly from the future who used the triforce to go back in time to tell Ness what his quest is.

Titanic Ant - Insanely huge... For an ant... Current Status: Squashed by Ness. Last Seen: Trying to taunt Ness, just before Ness stepped on him.

Prof. Toadsworth - The royal professor. Yes, the Mushroom Kingdom keeps a royal professor around the castle. Despite his intelligence, he has not figured out Peach & Bowser's relationship.

Larry Koopa - Peach & Bowser's first child. He used a mask and a paintbrush to become a copy of Mario to try to stop Mario with his own moves. He told Mario all about his parents, but Mario believed that Bowser forced Peach to go out with him.

F.L.U.D.D. - A water pack. He taught Mario all his famous jumps, but broke from a long fall. Current Status: Dr. Light's Lab. Last Seen: Handed off to Gutsman as his first assignment as assistant.

Piantas - The race of people on Isle Delfino.

Waluigi - Luigi's Moonworld opposite. Even more minor a character than Luigi.

Everdred - Theif from Twoson.

Orange Kid - Not a good engineer.

Apple kid - Pretty good engineer.

The Annoying Old Party Man - Got beat up.

Bus Driver - Drove to another comic for a small bit of cross-over.

Old Cosplaying Lady - Got on that bus, for the small bit of cross-over.

Happy Happyists - Cult of blue.

Paula Polestar - Ness's girlfriend. She's pretty good friends with god. Does this make her overpowered?

The Runnaway Five - Lucky, Gorgeous, Drums guy, Saxaphone guy and Bass guy. They're Paula's favorite band.

King Boo - Ruler of the underworld. He wishes to kill mortals and rule over their souls. He's evil. Allied with the Koopa Troop.

Jeff Andonuts - Yet another engineer.

Concrete Donkey - It's a donkey... Made of concrete...

The Director - Directs, like a director should.

Shyguy Staff - They're too shy to be in front of the camera, so they work behind the cameras.

Tony - Jeff's best friend.

Maxwell - ANOTHER engineer?

Lord RSF III - The Director's friend.

Bubble Monkey - Floats with his bubble.

Tessie Watching Club - Watches for Tessie, a Loch Ness Monster rip-off.

Tessie - A Loch Ness Monster rip-off.

Lil' Bro - The Director's little brother.

Dr. Andonuts - Jeff's father, another engineer.

Girl Monkey - The bubble monkey's girlfriend.

Mr. Saturn - In Saturn Valley, all are Mr. Saturn! They're a race of heads with feet and a bow in their hair.

Master Belch - Evil Green blob who enslaved some Mr. Saturns.

Venus - Famous singer.

Shadow the Hedgehog - The ultimate lifeform. Current Status: Missing. Last Seen: Falling into a military base.

The Author - The Director's Moonworld opposite.

Prince Poo of Dalaam - When in Moonworld, he's The One. He can fly and stuff. He was betrayed by the Moonsidian, so he had to kill him. Current Status: At home. Last Seen: Going home.

Ninjas - Poo's test.

Invisible Moonsidian - Invisible in Moonside, but clearly visible elsewhere.

Mani Mani Statue - Shrine to pure evil.

Elektra - Pokey's maid.

Zombies - Diversion released by Pokey while he escapes.

Chocobos - Ran by during hallway scene.

Dr. Thomas Light - Pretty good engineer, but doesn't think all of his decisions through.

Bartender - Sold Mario too many Mushrooms and kicked him out of the bar.

April O'Neil - Weather forcaster.

Giygas - Evil... thing. Current Status: Pummeled by large army. Last Seen: Talking to Pokey.

Comic Poisoner - Altered the comic to use a variety of styles. Current Status: Removed from the comic. Last Seen: Trying to poison the comic.

Grandma - Aryll's grandmother helped Link recover from his long icy sleep.

Aryll - Her kidnapping starting Link on his quest to get home.

Orca - The old man Link was about to challenge when Aryll was kidnapped.

Tetra - Captain of a pirate ship and decendant of the royal family.

The King of Red Lions - The King of Hyrule transformed into a boat to help Link gather the Triforce so he could finish drowning Hyrule.

Zephos - A god of wind.

Friedrich Nietzche - Well known philosopher who said that God is dead.

Cyclos - The other god of wind.

Ritos - A race of bird-people.

Medli - Valoo's attendant.

Prince Komali - Prince of the ritos. Gave Link Din's Pearl.

Great Deku Tree - Giant tree with a face. Gave Link Farore's Pearl.

Koroks - The race of leaf people.

Makar - The Korok Link had to save.

Elvis Presley - Famous musician who showed up to teach Link how to control the time of day.

Jabun - Giant fish who gave Link Nayru's Pearl.

Tingle - KOOLOO-LIMPAH! This weirdo believes himself to be the reincarnation of a fairy. He leads a cult.

Gohdan - Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Andross all ressurected to fight Link. Future Status: Killed by Link via mind control. Last Seen: Attacking Link.

Verizon Guy - "Can you hear me now? Good!" This guy was testing cell phone coverage at the future's Final Destination.

Dr. Cain - Megaman X's caretaker.

Megaman X - Maverick Hunter who was going to help Link, but had to go hunt Mavericks instead.

The X-Hunters - They hunt Megaman X because he defeated Sigma.

Dr. Doppler - Was not tricked by the X-Hunters.

Bit - One of Dr. Doppler's creations.

Byte - One of Dr. Doppler's creations.

Morph Moth - A Maverick that link brought from the future to the present in a bottle in his pocket.

The Gaytah Huntah - Watches gators and talks about them. Future Status: Severe burns. Last Seen: Oil tank with Wheel Gator in it.

Zero - Megaman X's best friend, who wears a shell on his back.

Velguarder - Sigma's dog. Being a dog, Velguarder is very stupid. Future Status: Death by light saber. Last Seen: Jumping into light saber.

Sigma - Villian with many bodies, none of which actually attacked the heroes. Future Status: Repeatedly beheaded. Last Seen, taunting from many different bodies.

Pong Paddle - A well known sports star in his day, he was angered by Link's arrival on the court. He kicked Link out and restarted the match.

Q*Bert - Having disrupted Popo & Nana's marriage in the future, Link killed him in the past. Past Status: Fell off platform. Last Seen: Frozen in the Hidden Room.

Pacman - Forever eating pellets and dodging ghosts, Pacman no longer has to worry about ghosts and can gorge himself all he'd like to.

Ghosts - The ghosts argued about what a scary word actually is. They also try to stop Pacman from eating all of their pac pellets.

Harry - Harry was the adventurous sort. He tried to collect as many bags of ancient money as possible.

Din - The ancient golden goddess of power. She is one of the three who crafted the Triforce. She also glows red and thought up the cuccos.

Nayru - The ancient golden goddess of wisdom. She is one of the three who crafted the Triforce. She also glows blue and talks a lot.

Farore - The ancient golden goddess of courage. She is one of the three who crafted the Triforce. She also glows green and likes Link.

Postman Pete - Delivers the mail.

Professor Elvin Gadd - Another Engineer.

Melody Pianissima - A peaceful, piano playing ghost.

Wario - Mario's Moonworld double.

Crazy Hand - Master Hand's brother & Moonworld double. He created Moonworld and all of it's strangeness. Current Status: Killed by Tails. Future Satus: Revived as part of Gohdan and defeated by Link, who used mind control to defeat Gohdan. Last Seen: Frozen in the Hidden Room.

Woodman & the Robot Masters - Sang an excerpt of "I'm a Lumberjack & I'm OK."

Space Pirate Joe - The only space pirate Samus let go. He later attacked her as an Omega Pirate.

Birdo - She's a woman who's physically male. She runs the breakfast diner, spits eggs out of her mouth and hates being called a man.

Ghosts of the Chozo - Opened up a portal to the crater so they could get on with their poker game.

Metaknight - The evil knight that wants to defeat Kirby.

King Dedede - Self proclaimed king of an abandoned castle, King Dedede tried to stop Nightmare from getting the Star Rod.

Phanto - The locksmith at Alley Shops who with pursue shoplifters with lethal force.

Nightmare - The incarnation of bad dreams.

Lucky Lakitu - The cameraman of the Koopa Troop and stand-in for the Shyguys.

Error - He happened to die just in time to land on Pit... For no reason. Last Seen: Frozen in the Hidden Room.

Master Emerald - Infinite power & guarded by Knuckles.

Donkey kong Jr. - Donkey Kong's son. We're not sure who the mother is yet.

A. Wizard - ...did it. He changes the comic when he gets bored.

Roll - She got Megaman's powersuit and became Megawoman!

Link's Uncle - He died in the castle's secret passage.

Daisy - Princess of Sarasaland. She was awoken early from her icy slumber and trained as a hero, changing most of her destiny.

Interviewer Nemo - Interviewed the Director about the comic.

Emergency Medical Personell - A group of four White Mages who heal the characters when need be.

Old Wiccan Hag - Helped Link un-stone his Like-Like.

Agahnim - The evil wizard who worked for Gannon.

Young Maidens - Seven of these were kidnapped. They were decentants of old wise men who sealed the Dark World.

Old Mountain Man - This old man was the grandfather of one of the young maidens and had a mirror Link needed.

King Zora - Sold Link some flippers and gave him an oil drum.

Batty Keese - A mean bat who keeps apologizing and asking before being mean, but is actually useful instead of mean.

Great Big Fairy - The great fairy who challenged Gannon & was uglified.

Chao - They wanted to have a party.

Chao Care Provider - He held a party for the Chao.

Spongebob Squarepants - He appeared and started eating the Chao's cake.

Lucky Leprichaun - His Lucky Charms were stolen again.

Bass - Dr. Wily's version of Megaman.

Beat - A bird made from Roll's spare parts.

Dr. Cossack - Russian engineer who's daughter, Kalinka, was kidnapped.

Kalinka Cossack - Was kidnapped, but returned by Megawoman.

Amy Rose - She's Sonic's 2nd tag-along and wants to go out with Sonic.

Metal Sonic - Dr. Robotnik's recreation of Sonic, to try to beat him at his own game.

Mushroom Guard - Guard of the Mushroom castle. New friends with Koopa Guard.

Koopa Guard - Guard of the Koopa castle. New friends with Mushroom Guard.

The Sun - Brutal. It attacked Mario & Daisy.

Morton Koopa Jr. - Peach & Bowser's 2nd son, who attacked Sarasaland.

King of Sarasaland - Daisy's father, who thinks Daisy is a lesbian.

Hammer Troopa - Used for the intro to the CTRL + C/V/Z comic.

Jenova's Witness - Wishes to reuinite with Jenova to cause the universe to end.

Dark Man - This Protoman look-alike is a Wilybot who's trying to cause trouble by framing Protoman.

Vector - Member of the Chaotix; Has the widest jump radius

Charmy - Member of the Chaotix; Can fly forever

Mighty - Member of the Chaotix; Is the most ignored

Espio - Member of the Chaotix; Is the coolest

Heavy - Member of the Chaotix; Like an anchor on the team

Bomb - Member of the Chaotix; Blows up occasionally

Yoshi - Green Dinosaur; He's both Mario's friend & a spy for Bowser

Tango - Blues's cat; Built by both Dr. Light & Dr. Game & Watch