After I completed my game, Palutena was pretty happy with me & Angel Land was saved. Since I was a hero, I thought I'd go help out some other worlds, but I found that most hated me. The people would prefer that monsters plunder their town than I do anything to intervene... They were battlist against my kind of battle system. I don't understand why... I can only guess that they were jealous. I'd try to force my help on their world, to show them how good a realtime hero can be, but I'd get into battles with their world's heros, often after saving their life... In my disapointment, I flew off to find my own kind.

I found an ancient temple. It had ancient scrolls. After reading them, I realized an evil threat that was going to befall the land. It was going to be a realtime threat too! No matter how good a turn-based hero is, there's nothing they can do to conquer a powerful realtime foe. If I was the one to summon this monster, I could ensure that I'd have a chance to destroy it, so I summoned it before anyone else could.

After a short battle, I was down to the last vertical pink line of my last box... I had to do something or I'd die & the rest of the universe would be destroyed right afterward. I called upon Palutena to create another world to push him into. The world was a shadow of our own. As the giant hand fell into the portal, another came out. This hand knew that I created it & gave me thumbs up before leaving. I thought it might be good until I found out that it started killing everything. After the Game Over was finished, I had recovered my strength. Everything was already lost... I told the hand why what it did was wrong, but it didn't care.

That's when the comic started, just before my death... He left me alive because I created him, but killed me because he found me annoying. Seriously, everyone finds me annoying... Everyone but Palutena... I hope she's alright somewhere... Meanwhile I'm stuck here, frozen in the Hidden Room.

I saw Mario once. He died too, but he found me annoying as well. I tried to stop him from causing problems, but he just ran off like this was just some game! I almost had him when someone else died and their spirit landed on me.