Master Hand

I'm pretty handy to have around. I can do anything I want. I'm all powerful and undefeatable!

I was created when Moonworld was as Crazy Hand's double. I brought Game Over to the world leaving only my creator, Pit alive. That's when the comic started. He was annoying so I killed him. Destroying a universe isn't as fun as I thought though, so I created stuff to cure my boredom. I found a place that had escaped my wrath too, Hyrule... Little did I know that I had merely summoned characters from elsewhere in the universe.

Mario plotted my death, and for that I can never forgive him. Nor can I forgive Dr. Robotnik, Gannon or Bowser for helping him. I especially can't forgive Megaman, who shot me when aiming for Mario. Megaman even got my god-like abilities for killing me. I can't forgive Link either. He took control of my body when I was ressurected in the future.

I wish to kill those six, and would've too if my dead body wasn't frozen in the Hidden Room. Luckily for me though, the machines stopped being maintained. Me & Crazy worked up enough energy to call for some help and were released by Din, the Hylian goddess of matter & power.

Once out, I figured it was time to lay a smack down on those who betrayed us. Me & Crazy went at it, but they put up quite a fight. I didn't make it... After being weakened by others, Samus killed me. I think I dropped a powerup too... I can only hope that my brother finds a way to ressurect me.